Sarcophilus harrisii

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Facing an Uncertain Future
The greatest threat to this endangered species is a disease called Devil Facial Tumour Disease. This contagious cancer is a fatal disease that spreads easily from devil to devil through biting. Scientists are working hard to find a cure and to save this species from extinction.

What is Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary Doing?
Tasmanian Devils at Lone Pine come from the ‘Devil Ark’ project. Devil Ark is a not-for-profit preservation project aiming to breed disease-free Tasmanian Devils on mainland Australia.

To see this species in the wild, we suggest Cradle Mountain, Tasmania.

CLASS: Mammalia
DIET: Carnivore
WEIGHT: Up to 14kg
LENGTH: Up to 76cm
STATUS1: Endangered 
1Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act